Intervention Services
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Intervention Services

With over 10 years of experience working with intervention and supportive services, we under the challenges many children will face upon returning to the classroom.

Prospero Teaching has created additional services to support the current and future challenges resulting from Covid19, assisting pupils from low income families in addition to ‘looked after children’, many of which can be funded through the Pupil Premium.  

Talk to our experienced consultants today about our intervention specialists and how they can further support you, your staff and students.

Therapeutic Summer School Programme

Every summer holiday provides unique experiences for all children; 2020 epitomises these differing experiences and challenges.

Many children have missed months of classroom schooling, and in addition to the significant adjustments you have made to accommodate schools reopening in September, one of the biggest challenges is how you can reintegrate pupils from a home-school environment back into the classroom as seamlessly as possible.

Prospero’s Summer School programmes aim to deliver support to all families, helping children transition back into the classroom when schools reopen in September. Our tutoring sessions provide structure and routine for children, with a focus on successes. Objective oriented learning aims to unite a love of studying in children ready for a positive start to the new term.

Virtual Summer School Tutors

Supporting Key Transition Year Groups

All pupils will need support to transition back to school, however, transitioning year groups and pupils starting a new schools post pandemic are going to be the most affected.  Prospero’s Virtual Summer School can support through 1-2-1 and small group tuition:

  • covering the fundamental concepts across the curriculum
  • developing social skills, such as confidence, independence and communication
  • enrichment activities to help pupils re-engage with education

Developing a continued online service to nurture children through the transition from virtual learning back into the classroom, our experienced tutors are adept at supporting pupils of all ages. Reinforced by our tailor-made Safer Online teaching course all tutors continue to deliver safe on-line learning.

A mentor or tutor offer Virtual Summer Clubs providing online sessions throughout the school holidays either 1:1 or as a group (maximum group 4 pupils recommended)

Bespoke eLearning 

Working with you to create bespoke eLearning to support pupil reintegration in September. For a limited time, we are offering this service for FREE.

Prospero has been designing and hosting free eLearning for our candidates and clients since 2017. To date, our courses have been taken by over 100,000 candidates, teaching staff and education professionals. 

We are expanding this service to our loyal clients to support you with the challenges of reintegrating your students in September.

Ensuring clear structures and policies are in place is essential for all schools to facilitate the smooth transition for children and young people in September. 

Online learning is an efficient way to communicate to staff whilst ensuring they are fully engaged with and understand key messaging around new procedures. Relieving the pressure on INSET days, so staff have more time to spend with their teams and engage in discussion. 

Bespoke Webinars and Workshops

Prospero’s Training & Development team will work with you to develop a one-off or series of personal development training workshops.  Using their extensive experience at coaching and mentoring staff ensures all virtual or face-2-face training offers exceptional added value and increases success.

Hybrid Intervention

Targeted Intervention Programmes

Prospero’s structured literacy and numeracy intervention programmes can support those pupils who have fallen the furthest behind.  Delivered through 1-2-1 and small group tuition, we offer 

  • intense booster sessions for individuals or small groups
  • summer number programmes for sustained practice
  • phonics catch-up sessions for younger children
  • summer reading programmes for older children

Hybrid Intervention programmes address both academic and pastoral needs when considering how best to support and prepare children for reintegration.

Prospero’s tutors and mentors work with small groups focusing on core subjects to help raise attainment and address disengagement whilst supporting those who have had limited access to tools and resources during lockdown.

1:1 and Group Tutoring Sessions

Research shows that interventions are most effective when work from one-to-one and small group sessions support classroom practice.

Our experienced tutors and mentors are available to continue the transition from home to school when pupils return full time.

Supporting individuals or small groups with similar needs can have a positive impact and boost pupils’ academic confidence helping them transition back to school. 

Our tutors work in partnership with your school on different techniques and methods to make the transition and re-integration back into school successful.

SEMH Support

Our bespoke programme for those with SEMH provides emotional support for pupils and encourage them to develop coping strategies. 

Playing a key part in supporting the development of key social skills, resilience, self-reliance and independence.

Our tutors are equipped in working with, and guiding schools, parents and carers on effective and creative ways to engage. With this expertise and support, the parents / carers can experience progress with children from an emotional and educational perspective.

Training & Mentorship

We offer training and mentorship for all Prospero registered agency workers. Through our industry-leading Training & Development Team, candidates can access our accredited CPD courses.

Providing resources, interactive online and face-to-face training and individual support for all of our agency workers, the team of experienced teachers work to ensure Prospero staff continue their professional development.

Our clients benefit from in-placement support, contact Prospero Teaching for further training and development.


“I have worked with Prospero for a number of years and they are always the first tuition agency I approach, as I know the young people I work for will receive 5 star tuition and care.

Polite, efficient and understanding the needs of my cohort, Prospero always provide an excellent service form initial discussion, referrals and securing a tutor who is always of a high standard.

Prospero always keep me informed of issues that may arise during tuition and provide reports that aid in the evidence based practice of showing how the young person receiving tuition is progressing and reaching their potential.

I cannot speak highly enough of their service and thank you for all you do for the young people of Islington.”

Robert, Islington Virtual School