Free Teacher Training Courses: CPD for Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Prospero Learning: Free Teacher Training Courses

Free Teacher Training Courses: CPD for Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Find out more about the team behind Prospero Learning – Our Training & Development team who have supported thousands of teachers through free CPD courses for teachers, online education courses, and 1:1 interview and lesson advice for best classroom practice.



Safeguarding Level 2 Course with Prospero Learning

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Free Online Teaching Courses

Our Training & Development Team

We offer a wide range of individual support in addition to our CPD courses package.

Our Training & Development team is made up of teachers across a range of subject specialisms. For every teacher and TA that secures an interview, trial day, or lesson observation with us, they are on hand to offer free online cpd courses, distance learning and course recommendations. This support can include:

  • Interview support and guidance over the phone, including a mock interview.
  • Feedback and advice on lesson plans before an observation. Send us your lesson plan and slides and we can talk it through!
  • Teacher professional development – free courses related to subject specialisms, tutor support, mental health and general best classroom practice.
  • 1:1 advice on what to expect from a day of supply.

Rest assured you’re in good hands with Prospero Teaching. We love to see all our teachers happy and successful in their new roles. Attendees to our teaching courses often stay with us long term, with continued opportunities for professional development. 

Our Training & Development Team

Access Our CPD Courses

Our provision includes on-demand online courses and live interactive sessions.

Prospero Training

Free CPD Courses for Teachers with Certificate

Every free online teaching course has been written by teachers for teaching staff. Our aim is to be the training platform of choice for working teachers to keep their knowledge and teaching skills up-to-date. Many thousands of teachers have benefited from our courses since we launched, and we are always open to feedback and suggestions on how to improve our provision going forward.

Currently, our online free courses for teachers catalogue include:

Positive Behaviour Management courses for teachers:

If you have any questions or a suggestion for a new teaching course, we welcome you to get in touch at


Free CPD Courses for Teachers with Certificate

Free Online Courses for Teaching Assistants

Are these courses suitable for Teaching Assistants?

Absolutely! Our education courses are suitable to boost the teaching skills of teaching assistants. They are also suitable for the continued professional development of tutor support. These self paced teaching assistant courses would offer a great learning experience for professionals considering a career change.

Our training and development team would be happy to speak with you if you are unsure about eligibility criteria or entry requirements. Rest assured that the content here is beneficial to every teaching assistant looking to find out more about supporting children and young people. As training providers, we pride ourselves on catering for all experience levels with our courses for teachers.

Looking for further support as a Teaching Assistant?

Are these courses suitable for Teaching Assistants?

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Teachers in the UK will generally be required to complete 30+ hours of CPD courses per year. Before you consider funding options, what better way to work towards this than with a free course? As training providers, we offer free online courses and run our regular Continuing Professional Development sessions outside of school hours. All sessions are accredited by CPDUK, ensuring you receive the best possible quality training.

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Read our latest teaching blogs including secondary and primary school teacher education news, online learning guides and teaching advice.

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