Teach Abroad With Prospero Teaching International

Teach Abroad With Prospero Teaching International

We offer opportunities for adventure and career advancement at Prospero Teaching International. Find out how we can make your dream of teaching abroad a reality.

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Teach Overseas with Prospero Teaching International

Teaching Opportunities Across the Globe

We have dedicated international teams located in London, Australia, New Zealand & Canada, giving us a truly global reach. Teachers who want to expand their skills in a new country will find amazing opportunities for travel and employment with our organization. We can help you turn your dream of teaching abroad into a reality, whether you are a primary or secondary teacher with a subject specialism.

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Teaching Opportunities Across the Globe

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What have our International Teachers had to say about us?

Suuad Primary Teacher
It has been a joy working and continuously working with Prospero. I graduated last year from my teaching program and was very unsure of what I wanted to do. With COVID being a factor, I was concerned that my opportunities to teach abroad would be very limited. Prospero worked so efficiently and was able to find me a position in London UK.
Shamanta Secondary Teacher
Excellent recruitment consultants. They are very supportive and committed in the transition of teachers to the UK. So whether you are deciding or in the process Prospero Teaching will keep you updated throughout the entire vetting process.

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