How They Work

Guaranteed Pay Supply Teaching Contracts

Here at Prospero Teaching, we offer a select number of guaranteed pay supply teaching contracts to suitable teachers.

Guaranteed Pay Supply

How Does It Work?

As we have an abundance of supply teaching jobs available we can provide contracts, during term time, which guarantee teachers a set number of paid supply days per week. The concise number is negotiated between the teacher and consultant but is usually 5 days per week.

In the unlikely event that Prospero Teaching is unable to offer you work during the period stipulated in the contract, you will be entitled to 100% of your daily pay rate (conditions apply).

Generally, bookings will be for different schools on different days, however, sometimes a booking can last up to 6 weeks at one school.


How Does It Work?
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Who Are Guaranteed Pay Contracts Suitable For?

These contracts are perfect for teachers still looking for the ideal teaching job but who like the stability of constant work. They are also ideal teachers who are looking for full-time work without the extra responsibilities that come with full-time teaching.

To be eligible for a GP contract individuals need to be qualified teachers, ideally with QTS, who are reliable, flexible, enthusiastic, able to think quickly and use their initiative.


Does this Guarantee Pay On Every Day Throughout the Year?

A guaranteed pay contract does not include bank holidays, teacher strike days (including non-striking schools), nationwide school closures and the week before or week after a holiday period (including half-term breaks/Christmas, Easter and summer break only).