Why Choose to Teach in the UK - a Canadian Teacher's Perspective

Post by: Prospero | March, 26, 2014
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Blog Post by Adison – a Canadian Teacher working currently in the UK

We all have our own individual reasons for wanting to teach abroad. Some of us want an adventure, some to travel, and others to simply find work. I personally wanted all three of those things, to travel, try something new and head straight into the teaching field upon graduation.

I am from Ontario and waiting to get on the supply list while my OCT (certification by Ontario College of Teachers) was being processed was not for me. I was ready to teach and eager to start. I had also planned to travel on my free time. Up to that point I had done very little travelling and this looked like my chance to do so.

Teaching provides us the opportunity to do both due to the need for teachers all around the world.

Why Teach in the UK?

You might be asking yourself why choose the U.K over teaching in places such as South Korea, Australia, or China? For me the answer was simple, there are lots of teaching jobs here, it is cheap to travel on holidays, and I could teach my own specialities. I was not interested in teaching English as a second language, which was the only opportunity I was getting when I looked into non-English speaking countries. As far as Australia was concerned the teaching job market was as dire as it was in Canada. One of the first things I noticed when I was considering UK was the sheer number of jobs available as well as the possibility of consistent work. Apart from this there was also the closeness to Europe which meant I could indulge in my wish to travel on the cheap.

Choosing the right Teaching Agency for you

The next step before moving was to try and find a reputable teaching agency. Before deciding on a teaching agency I asked around friends who had used the services of an agency. The staff at the company should have friendly staff who have my interests I mind and who will help me as I decide to move to a new place. I decided to choose Prospero Teaching because from my I found that the staff wanted to make sure I had an enjoyable teaching experience. I went for an interview with them, liked what I heard, and was signed that same day.

My experience so far

So far things have been great. I have been to many schools throughout south and east London. Much of my work is pre-booked so I know where I am going and the days that are not I call into the office and work is setup. I know that that some of you might think it is hard to believe that there are an abundant of teaching jobs here in the U.K but there are. Prospero Teaching has made an effort to sign with schools that will best suit their teaching staff. As a result I have been fortunate to teach at some wonderful schools. The great thing is once a school has worked with you a few times they will ask you back and the chances of getting into a long term position are very high.

I know it’s challenging to decide to move to another country. But it can be highly rewarding and I would recommend it whole heartedly. My only advice to you is to choose an agency who will provide you the support as you make your transition to moving to a new country and starting your teaching career there.

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