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What is BritBound?

In the least amount of words(!!)….BritBound is a relocation service and social events club rolled into one. At the heart of BritBound is a community of independent travellers (BritBounders) who socialise, support and share each others adventures whilst living and working in the UK

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When you initially meet with an international consultant, they will provide you with websites and guides (to the best hostels, house shares and apartments) in the areas you are looking to live in, depending on your situation. If you are looking to organise somewhere before you land we can advise you on best possible way to get this sorted too.

Renting is the most popular way to live in London so there will be lots of rental properties available to suit a variety of budgets. Many teachers however choose to live in shared accommodation which is certainly more economical but is also a great way to meet new friends. If you prefer to rent a property on your own, with friends or family, then remember that the further out of the centre you look, the cheaper it will be. There are many really nice areas that still provide you with all the amenities so it’s really a lifestyle choice. Our Australian representative will be able to provide you with all the advice you need about areas to live

We offer excellent rates of pay, so you will be able to live in good accommodation. To get an idea take a look at, a very popular website for accommodation in London. There are also a number of other flat shares and property websites including: