Healthy body, healthy mind – preparing for the start of the new school year

No one needs reminding that the start of the new school year is a matter of days away. But while teachers may be in a frantic rush to get their lesson plans sorted, familiarise themselves with their new class and get any last-minute summer errands taken care of, it is vital that they are also conscious of looking after their health.

It’s not just parents and children that need to get ready for the swathe of illnesses and ailments that become particularly prevalent at the beginning of the academic calendar; teachers must also be sure to have the right products and treatments to ensure they don’t come down with unwanted medical issues.

One of the most common conditions to spread as kids re-enter the classroom is head lice. When thrown back into a building together after weeks of holiday, children can bring all manner of medical monsters into the school with them – but these tiny wingless insects that live amongst human hair are particularly troublesome. More common among younger children, teachers must be careful to protect themselves against these miniscule lice, which can cause irritation to the scalp as they bite and leave behind faeces and eggs.

Special head lice combs and shampoos are available to combat head lice, so it is advisable that teachers take a proactive approach in ensuring they have suitable treatments to hands just in case they catch the scalp-dwelling insects from any of their students.

Unfortunately, these pesky insects are not all that teachers need to be prepared for. The end of the summer holidays also brings with it a number of other medical concerns. Allergies are another example – coming back into contact with children, school dinners and dusty book-rooms can flair up all manner of allergies for teachers. For anyone prone to such problems, it is important that they take pre-emptive action to source suitable treatment so the conditions do not disturb their day-to-day work.

Spurred on by increase contact with lots of people in a confined space, some of the other most common problems teachers and students encounter are:

  • Conjunctivitis
  • Headaches and sore throats – can be triggered by a shift in your daily schedule
  • Colds and flus
  • Increased stress levels

As with most medical conditions, living a healthy lifestyle is always the best method of prevention. Ensuring teachers drink plenty of water throughout the day, take on board amble vitamins and also exercise when possible are positive ways of staying healthy. But when struck down with an ailment in the line of duty, be sure to see a medical expert – pharmacist, GP or doctor – to ensure the issue is suitably dealt with and the illness does not spread to others in the staff room or the classroom.

What’s more, stocking up on the correct medical products to treat some of the aforementioned common problems that arise around schools every September is advisable.

This advice is given to you by highly respected Hitesh Dodhia, Superintendent Pharmacist, 

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