An Interview With: Roger “Papi” Taylor Established International Artist

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We’re all about inspiration here at Prospero Teaching! So when we met world renowned artist Roger Taylor, we had one question: Can you share your vision with all of our creative teachers, and those looking for inspiration?

Roger Taylor, affectionately known as ‘Papi’, is a self-taught artist working with the medium of light. He started his creative journey training as an actor in New York at the Lee Strasbourg theatre institute, where he studied his craft for several years. He then moved on to working as a Creative Director for some of New York’s hottest night clubs, creating sets for their weekly shows.

Below is a quick Q&A with the artist himself.

What does “being creative” mean to you?

I have always been creative from a young age, whether it be in performing arts or visual arts, this is the way I feel most comfortable expressing myself. It has been such a varied life journey since being an actor in New York. I have always been involved in creating special environments for people to perform in or just enjoy.

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How do you compare London to Tokyo and New York for an artist?

For me being an artist is about noticing things all around, wherever you may be geographically, and expressing it your own way. Living in many countries from South America to Asia has given me a wonderful palette of experience to draw from which influences the work I produce today.


What’s your favourite thing you’ve ever created?

“Misunderstood!” is the piece from this collection that took the longest to create and strangely enough it is my favourite piece too, it’s taken then longest as there a lot of life’s memories in that piece. 


What’s the best advice you ever had about how to be more creative?

Do what you feel is right. With art there is no right and wrong it is all about expression. I create pieces I like to see and if others appreciate what has been created then great. 

What was your most significant recent experience?

“Be Illuminated’ at Lights of Soho for me is a great milestone. I feel like a lifetime’s worth of experience has gone into to this show and I am so pleased that it has had such an amazing reaction. 


As an established artist, what advice would you give aspiring people passionate about art?

If you have a vision just go for it!  BUT it will require a burning desire to physically see what you have created in your mind’s eye. 


Papi’s exhibition is now on show at The Lights Of Soho and you can browse his collection online here

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