World Autism Awareness Week

The National Autistic Society runs World Autism Awareness Week

World Autism Awareness Week takes place from 27th March to 2nd April

Some Facts and Figures About Autism

  • According to the National Autistic Society there could be as many as 700,000 people with autism in the UK which is about 1.1% of the population
  • Not all people with autism have a learning disorder; between 44-52% do
  • Autism Alliance says that approximately 50% of people with autism also suffer from anxiety or depression
  • According to research published in 2010 by Emerson and Baines, around a third of people with learning disabilities are also on the autism spectrum
  • It is accepted that there is a greater prevalence of autism among males than females though the ratios are unconfirmed
  • In the UK, the average period of time it takes to get a diagnosis of autism is 3.6 years according to research from Goldsmiths and City University
  • The main symptoms of the autism spectrum disorder are around social communication and interaction
  • The exact cause of ASD is not known; following vast amounts of extensive research carried out all over the world no evidence has been found of a link between ASD and the MMR vaccine

Do you know how to support students in your classroom with autism? Prospero Teaching is supporting this year’s National Autistic Society’s campaign to raise awareness and understanding of autism with a free teaching resource we’ve created called Top Teaching Tips: Students With ASD

We also run free, accredited CPD throughout the year for our Teachers and Teaching Assistants and you can see a list of our upcoming events on our CPD Event Calendar.

You don’t need any specific SEND qualifications to work in SEND education. What you do need is to be even more prepared, super flexible and creative as SEND teaching environments can be very challenging and unpredictable. However, classes are often smaller so you can build deeper and more meaningful relationships with students.

In other words, the rewards can be amazing; reaching a pupil who’s never previously engaged at school or teaching life skills that can help on a daily basis, makes all the hard work worth it.

If this sounds interesting you can see the range of SEND teaching jobs and SEND teaching assistant jobs we’ve got all over the country. In the meantime you can support World Autism Awareness Week on twitter with these #WAAW17 and #UntilEveryoneUnderstands.

Do you have experience of teaching students with ASD? If you think other educators could benefit from it please do share your top tips with the Prospero Teaching community here


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